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Interview with Jodi Hart, 2006 Whoop-Up Futurity Champion

Jodi Hart & Fast Fastchicalickin - Click to enlarge1. Where did you learn to ride?  How long have you been riding?  What was your first horse?

At home starting at the age of 6, which was a Shetland pony

2. When and how did you become interested in barrel racing?  Did you have a teacher?  

While watching TV. Amie Stone started helping me at the age of 16, and a very good friend helping me now.

3.  How long have you been competing?

3 yrs

4.  What does the Whoop-Up Barrel Futurity win mean to you?

I couldn’t be happier, finally everything came together.  My horse means the world to me and she showed me that she is the horse for me.

5.  Tell us about your horse... name, stable name, how old, big, breeding, colour, sex, where your horse came from, training background, how long you've owned him etc...

Her name is Fastchicalickin, aka Chicky. She stands around 15.1hh and is sorrel.  I got her as a weanling from Doug and Carol Schaffer, and I would like to thank them for selling me an outstanding horse!

6.  How significant a factor is your horse in achieving your win?

I love Chicky with all my heart, but she did get a lot more treats than normal.

7.  What other horses do you have on the go? Young prospects?

I have a four yr old Fast Moon Chic filly out of a Triple Chick mare, a two yr old Fast Moon Chic gelding out of a Winken Wayne mare, a one yr old Avid Dash/Bully Bullion mare and a Streakin La Jolla filly out of my Triple Chick/Major Bonanza mare.

8.  What other things occupy your time? School? Work? Hobbies? Family?

I work as a welder to pay for my habits (which are my horses)

9.  What are your future plans & goals?

To do the best I can and have fun doing it.  And make it to the CFR

10.  What do you consider the biggest challenges and benefits of barrel racing?

Money is a fairly big challenge, but I couldn’t be happier, doing it

11.  Do you have a favorite barrel racer that you admire? Tell us why.

Tracy Matkea, she has accomplished so much and is such a genuine person.

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