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Interview with Nancy Csabay, Futurity/Derby Finalist & CFR Qualifier

1. Where did you learn to ride? 

From my Dad, Arnold Haraga.

2. How long have you been riding? 

I started to ride before I could walk.

3. What was your first horse?

Her name was Sissy. She was a Shetland/QH cross. She loved to roll in the slough holes with me on her. I never had a saddle, so I used my Dad's bareback riggin' and a sheep skin.
4. When and how did you become interested in barrel racing?  Did you have a teacher?

Rodeo was just something we did as a family, so I've always been interested in barrel racing. I never had a "trained" barrel horse. I always had to train my horses. I've made many mistakes and hopefully have learned from them. My Dad was the best teacher I've had. He taught me what to look for in a horse, how to keep the barrel pattern simple and efficient, to never give up....etc...I could go on for a whole page!  Gina Kotke was a good mentor as well. I've been to a few clinics that have given me some different ideas too.
5. How long have you been competing?

Probably 35 years
6. Tell us about your, stable name, how old, big, breeding, color, sex, where your horse came from, training background, how long you've owned him...

His name is Right for Glory, we call him Glory. He will be 17, about 15.3 hands, appendix, liver chestnut, gelding.  We bought him as a 3 yr old from Alex Link in Hanna. He is by a son of Go Man Go and by a daughter of Jet of Honor. He came off the track. He was a rebel on the track... he would buck the jockeys off and then run back to the barn. He taught me a lot about patience when I was training him. I always had to make him think it was his idea, and then he was willing to do just about anything. He took me to the CFR in 2001 and 2003. He rules the roost around our place. He is now retired, although Kate and I rode him bareback for the first time in two years and it seemed like he never had any time off.... he always likes to run!
Our brood mare is Like an Effort, aka Reba. She will be 14 yrs old and has produced 7 foals. We bought her from Sandy Ridge Stallion Station (Carol and Doug Schaffer) when she was 3. She got caught in a barbed wire fence when she was 3 and cut a tendon in her fetlock. I still went on to futurity her as a 5 yr old in the states. I made the finals in Gillette, Wy and won a round at the Billings futurity and then decided to use her a broodmare. She is a really nice mare to be around and has sure passed that on to her foals.
I also have 2 - coming 7 yr olds by Millionaire Playboy. One is out of Reba and the other is out of a mare my Dad owned who was by Kiddin and Streakin. They are both special to me since one (Diva) is Reba's first foal and I got to see her being born and the other (Emit), my Dad gave to me. 
7. What other horses do you have on the go?  Young prospects?

I have a coming 5 yr old by Terribly Wicked, and out of Reba.  She'll be my futurity horse.
2 - coming 4 yr olds - one is by Docs Paradise and out of Reba and the other is by Eye Take Time, out of a full sister to a really good horse of mine that I lost. 
Coming 3 yr old by A Classic Dash and out of Reba
Coming 2 yr old by Crimson Jess and out ot Reba
Coming yearling by Fast Moon Chic and out of Reba and another one on the way.
8. What other things occupy your time?  School?  Work?  Hobbies?  Family?

My husband, Tony, and I have a 3 yr old daughter named Kate. I quit my job as a lab tech to be a stay at home Mom. Kate keeps me very busy... it seems she never stops moving so she helps to keep me young. I love to read, I am taking a Spanish course, I like yoga and I love to learn new things.
9. What are your future plans and goals?

Now that I have a family, I don't feel like making a bunch of miles on in a weekend like I used to do when I rodeoed, so I am going to keep training and selling futurity/derby if you know of anyone needing a horse....send them my  I really like training the young horses, so while Kate is still young, I think I will stick close to home.
10. What do you consider the biggest challenges and benefits of barrel racing?

  I have met a lot of great friends through rodeo
I have been to a lot of different places
Gives me another reason to get up in the morning
Makes me use my brain
  Makes me use my brain
The cost - it's definitely not a cheap sport

11. Do you have a favorite barrel racer that you admire?  Tell us why?

I don't really have a favorite, but I admire and respect many.  The first is Isy (Miller) Haraga.  She was an incredible barrel horse trainer.  I admire her for her persistence, perseverance and wisdom.  Deb Renger for her dedication and hard work.  Charmayne James for her unbelievable accomplishments.  Rayel Robinson for her ability to jump on any horse a do well - what a great jockey!  Crystal Shaw for her patience and persistency.....etc...I could go on and on....
12. Any other comments you'd like to add.

I am so grateful to be able to do what I do.  I get tears in my eyes thinking about what a great life I have....I am so thankful.  Thanks Sandy Ridge for making it easy for me to breed our mare to some really nice studs.  Thanks to my family for helping me do what I do.  Thanks to everyone who supports barrel racing either by putting on events, donating money or donating your time....I really appreciate it.  Thanks to God for all of His wisdom and glory.

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