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Trina Swerbus & Marthas Ebony Moon by FAST MOON CHIC
- 2009 Canadian Barrel Derby High Point Champion -
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Marthas Ebony Moon & Trina SwerbusTrina Swerbus and her mare, Marthas Ebony Moon, by Fast Moon Chic, have enjoyed an exceptional Barrel Horse Derby year.. qualifying for five of eight short go's, winning one event and fast time (CBHI Derby) outright, and earning the 2009 Canadian Barrel Derby Year End High Point Championship!

But it hasn't been without its challenges...

In Trina's words:

"Stettler did not go well for Ebony & I. It was the worst show we have had yet. She did not listen at all in the first go, and for the first time ever, I really had to take a hold of her, and when we came out of the arena, she kept opening her mouth, because she is not used to that and it probably hurt. In the second go we placed, but didn't make it back to the finals. We were in the crying hole for that.

I decided after that that I needed to do a little tuning and change things up on Ebby. She has been winning, and at the top, but still running one or two strides past her barrels. I talked to trainer, Dave Manning, and he suggested going back to the bit that he trains her in. I worked her in it for the whole week after Stettler, and she felt good. I ran in Thorsby that Sunday, and she was second. She was 2/1000s off the lead. I worked her again all last week (normally Ebby and I trail ride only through the week, but it was time for some fixing).

This last weekend, I ran at the Double Dollar Race in Mayerthorpe (2 runs); we won both races on a regulation pattern out of 50 girls, and then yesterday we ran at Thorsby, and out of 100 girls she won again. We had the fastest time we have ever run at Thorsby, and she felt great. For some reason, this bit keeps her much calmer so far (crossing my fingers that this was the fix.) This week will just be trail riding to keep her in shape, and this coming weekend I am taking off from any runs and will work her again next week and be ready for Thorsby. 
Good news, I looked on the Canadian Barrel Futurities website, and Brandy McPhee is leading with 107 points and Ebby and I are 2nd with 106 points, so I am soooooo hoping that we can move ahead at Thorsby and Lethbridge and Ebony can finish her final Derby off in 1st place. I mean, I am happy either way that she is up there and has become such an honest horse, but 1st is always nice too. A new saddle would be REALLY nice which is what the first prize is.
I am going to pick up my new little Fast Moon Chick baby this weekend, so I am so excited about that. His name is Marthas LunarEclipse and he is black with a blaze."


"My last month has looked like this":
Manitoba Northern Lights Derby (Sept 4-6):
Won the first two goes - Ended up 2nd in the average
Stettler Heartland Derby (Sept 11-13):
Nothing in the first go
7th in the second go
ABRA Thorsby Sunday Sept 20
2nd overall by 2/1000s of a second (50 girls).
Double Dollar Race (2 runs) in Mayerthorpe at Schuellers on Sept 26th (outdoor regulation pattern):
Won both races (50 girls) 17.9 & 18.0
ABRA at Thorsby on Sunday Sept 27th
1st overall out of 100
Sitting 2nd overall in the Derby Standings by 1 point.
Since then...

CBHI Derby (Thorsby - Thanksgiving Weekend)
2009 Derby Champion and fast time winner for the event

Whoop-Up Derby
5th in the Average



Marthas Ebony Moon by Sandy Ridge Stallion, Fast Moon Chic - Trina Swerbus, owner, trainer & rider - 2009 Canadian Barrel Futurites/Derbies overall Derby Champion
Trina Swerbus (& Marthas Ebony Moon by Fast Moon Chic)
accepting 2009 Canadian Barrel Futurities/Derbies Year End High Point 'Masters Saddles' Derby Saddle
* Randa Nugent (left) presenting
Trina Swerbus & Marthas Ebony Moon by Fast Moon Chic by Marthas Six Moons - 09 Cdn Bar Derby High Point Champion
Trina Swerbus (& Marthas Ebony Moon by Fast Moon Chic)
2009 Whoop Up Derby Finalist
Marthas Ebony Moon - 2009 Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive Derby Champion & Fast Time Winner
Trina Swerbus (& Marthas Ebony Moon by Fast Moon Chic)
2009 Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive Derby Champion
Trina Swerbus & Marthas Ebony Moon - 2009 CBHI Derby Champion, Saddle Winner & Fast Time Winner
Trina Swerbus (& Marthas Ebony Moon by Fast Moon Chic)
2009 Canadian Barrel Horse Incentive Fast Time Champion

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